Many teachers have explained spirituality to me and given me practices to move toward my true self. Tom Kurzka simply takes me there and opens my eyes to it.
Wesley Lachman, Eugene, OR

Knowing that everything is borne from emptiness is different from recognizing it now. Tom lives it and exudes it. Retreats with Tom deliver the awareness that there truly is no separation, and that everything is an expression of love in some way."
—Michael Penny,  ordinary citizen  Charlottesville, VA

This past year Tom's close friendship and guidance has assisted me in exploring this life in much deeper and fulfilling ways. I've gained a greater ability to meet difficult human experiences and energies, I've gained an even more grounded sense of peace, ok-ness, and clarity amongst any state, emotion, situation, etc., there is so much more joy and creative exploration happening on a daily basis. If in essence we are all one, then we are here to assist each other. There are some who assist with such a humble heart and true care that it can't not touch us in ways that expand our potential to endlessly open to living a life within profound purpose and dare I say, Love.
Kelley Duilio, Portland, OR

Little did I know that the shame I was feeling in the moment would transport me into the experience of annihilation that morphed-into my entire spine releasing. The freedom of movement in my spine felt like I was in my 20's again. This speaks to the awareness, compassion, trust and love Tom holds as we delve into our uncomfortable spaces.
—Heather Penny, Charlottesville, VA

"I've been looking for a teacher like Tom for many years: wise, kind, humble, and ethical, with psychological insight as well as genuine spiritual awakeness in which he has been deepening for many years. He also has many years of teaching experience and is skilled at helping us cut through emotional and mental stuck places. Since I began working with him just a few months ago, my ability to sit in deep silence and stillness has increased, interspersed with big releases. Anyone who sincerely hopes for spiritual awakening could not do better than to work with this gifted and generous teacher.”
Hannah Zaiv, Portland, OR

My initial impression of Tom was how down to earth and approachable he was (and truly is). But then I thought that this might be too good a situation and I wondered if he would be able to help a student connect with deep experiences of truth, or if his teaching style could be somehow constrained by his easy going manner and light approach. However this doubt of mine would rapidly dissipated as I experienced a falling away of stories I had fabricated inside of my mind and the feeling in the space held by Tom and his students became lighter and lighter to the point of being freeing—held by an atmosphere of great spaciousness.
Kent, Portland, OR

I have been going to Tom’s Satsangs for 6 years and I can’t imagine my life without his teachings and guidance. Tom is kind, compassionate and patient with each person. He meets each person where they are with his incredible ability to tune into what that person needs when asking him questions.Tom is not one of the sales people of spirituality. He doesn’t just tell you what you want to hear to sell you something. Tom is real and authentic in a world that tries to sell fantasy at every turn to make a quick buck. Tom and his teachings have profoundly changed my life and helped me to get in contact with reality with gentleness and simplicity.
Fraeda Scholz, Eugene, OR

There are teachers who emanate power, brilliance, charisma, or fierce wisdom. Those qualities can be catalytic, but for me, they can also trigger a counter-reaction in which, ironically, the sense of the small and shallow self is reinforced. Tom's gentle surrender and acceptance gets under your skin in a different way. There's a sense of safety that allows something to slip past your natural defenses.
—M.K., Portland, OR


Tom’s loving presence allows for heart openings and feeling into total trust of the now moment. The wounds and pain held deeply in my body come forth. Here they are embraced, brought into the light and allowed a place at the table for full expression. Tom’s truth of presence invites easy connection, and I experience a deep gratitude that runs like a river holding me fully in love. How profoundly wonderful and freeing—a deep relief beyond words! Tom teaches unconditional love for oneself, the moment, and others.
Jan Sievers Mahon, Charlottesville, VA

Tom is the real thing. He meets you where you're at (he has a surprising gift for seeing that!), and takes you to the next step of where you want/need to go. And he does it in such a sweet, fun way!
Susan L., Portland, OR

The trap of the seeker is in believing that the mind can free itself. If only we apply more effort—if only we read one more book, if only we attend one more retreat, if only we gain one more insight. Tom gently nudges us in his gentle way to notice, without any resistance towards the grasping mind, what has always been present, even amid the chaos of our mental chatter, what has always been peacefully, harmoniously abiding in and as us. Simply pure awareness itself. The truth of who and what we really are. Tom's humorous style, clarity and depth of understanding help bring this home.
N. Cranch, Eugene, OR

Tom is an extraordinarily insightful person who has a great gift of awareness that he shares with gracious generosity. My experience was to have an increased ability to generate kindness and love toward others after having done so with myself first.  Peace and contentment was just a by product!
—Elizabeth Young, Washington, D.C. area

"I have been with Tom on just three occasions in a group setting and, although each sitting was brief, it was evident almost immediately that he 'got' me at a deep level. This revealed to me that I had been seen in a way that few to none have in the past, and with great accuracy and blunt honesty, I might add. This was a bit shocking, but in a good way, as what good is it to be with a spiritual teacher who can't see who you are in your depths? This level of insight is priceless and the very reason I highly recommend Tom. If you are conflicted in any way, I would not miss this rare opportunity for anything!
Ron Leese, Portland, OR

Tom is a true Spiritual Friend. His focus on connection to felt sensation enables potent transformations to readily manifest. Retreats with Tom give me the opportunity to perceive and to feel both that we are made of Love itself and so is everything else. I have time to practice transforming negative thoughts and fears into supportive and calming occurrences. My presence supports others on the retreat. Possibility abounds. I experience sublime safety to be who I truly am.
Ida Smith, Charlottesville, VA

I really like working with Tom, as he is so loving, patient and truly free of judgment. He walks with such an open heart! I am so grateful that I could by the Grace of GOD be there for the 5 day retreat. I am still seeing new things that came up, showing me where some of the beliefs came from. I see how, by seeing where the belief came from and the motivation surrounding an action, I can begin to just simply sit with all of it and allow it to be. Tom was very helpful in seeing something about what the mind was doing that I could not see for myself in the moment, as the mind is very cunning. He helped me to see that it is ok to see these things and not take them personally. Such a relief.
Kyra H., Portland, Or area

I became Tom's student in about 2007 when friends in my Adyashanti video group introduced me. I knew a live teacher in a small setting would be very potent. I trusted Tom instantly; his unassuming, spontaneous manner, and gentle, patient nature filled the room. He has lived a fully human (husband, father, householder) life, entering a wide variety of professions. The constant gentle presence of his wife Dawn has added much to the experience of Satsang in their home. He also has lived with heightened sensitivities and the rigors of spiritual unfolding since early childhood. His extensive study of humanity and spirituality, and diligence as a student of non-dual teachers, has enriched his natural gifts as an excellent counselor, listener, and an open vessel for receiving his students. Tom was pressed into teaching by friends and teachers. His sheer joy in giving satsang for its own sake, and his dedication to his students, has always been inspiring and humbling to us.
Beverly Scholz, Mt. Shasta, CA, formerly Eugene, OR



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