Tom Kurska



Finding Presence in the Midst of a Difficult World -
By Tom Kurzka, August, 2019. Our true nature is already complete. As the Buddha once said: “If you can’t find the truth where you are, where will you ever find it?” It is the one true constant that never ever leaves us. It is who we are. When we sit in meditation... click here to read more.

Nothing to Fear but Fear
By Tom Kurzka, 2001. In this interview, Tom recounts the role of fear on his spiritual path and his experience of Gnostic Awakening.

Following the Call of Love
By Tom Kurzka, 2003. Deep sleep. An initial sound arises out of the pool of Stillness. At first, there is nothing other than this sound appearing from and disappearing back into Stillness. Then thoughts slowly begin to arise and pass

The Sermon on the Mount according to Vedan by Swami Prabhavananda
-- reviewed by Tom Kurzka